Svetlana Shugh

Svetlana Shugh
Svetlana Shugh, MD, FAAP
Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital
What is your favorite ACTION memory or what made you want to join ACTION? 

The idea of pooling together experiences, sharing questions, and working towards improving care for patients and their families in a meaningful and tangible way was amazing. I wanted to contribute to this mission and learn from the community. I first experienced ACTION when I was at Cincinnati Children’s, and wanted to continue involvement after I transitioned to Joe DiMaggio. 

What project are you most excited about moving forward in ACTION?  

I am most passionate about standardizing and improving all aspects of care for our VAD patients, as well as growing the focus on improving overall care for patients with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.

Where is your favorite travel destination, and why? 

Anywhere there’s a sandy beach and I may not get cell service – it’s hard to find time to disconnect from all there is going on! 

What is your favorite book, and why?  

Looking for suggestions! 

What’s one thing that other ACTION members wouldn’t know about you? 

I did rhythmic gymnastics (yes, with the ribbon, ball, clubs, hoop, etc) when I was younger, and then transitioned to danceline which I continued through college.