Our Collaborative

We're improving outcomes for all patients with heart failure.

Now is the time for ACTION.

Our quality improvement and research-based approach drive our committee’s ongoing work. Initiatives include planning and implementation of quality improvement initiatives, data collection, education and program development materials, and much more. Discovery and improvement are often limited by small numbers of patients at any one care center; the open communication and transparency of outcomes between our members inspire inventive thinking and evidence-based practices to enhance standards of care and improve patient outcomes.

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Our Values


We stay proactive for our patients by developing novel solutions. Our innovations are enhanced by QI, research, and technology. Our technological studies include real time education to monitor patients with cardiac disease and improve their outcomes.


Our community of healthcare experts, patients, caregivers, researchers, and industry members grows daily. We harness/utilize the power of shared information and open communication to learn from experiences.


Pediatric heart failure is complicated and often misunderstood – even by those affected by it. ACTION provides free, clinician-approved guides, learning sessions, and online programs for patients, families and caregivers. MyACTIONEducation.org


We’re ensuring every patient is on the path to heart success. Pediatric heart failure is often overlooked, underfunded, and understudied. We’re here to give a voice to heart failure patients so they no longer stay silent.

Data & Tech

We work with real-world data and outcomes to harmonize protocols globally so each and every patient receives the very best care.

Our Projects

Check out our interactive and clinician-approved learning site for patients, caregivers, and providers. Our site connects the dots from the start of your journey to the road to recovery.