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The Pulse - January 2024

The Pulse — January 2024

Happy New Year! We hope you enjoyed the Holiday Season and are energized for a new year! We wrapped 2023 with the launch of several exciting projects, such as the HeartMate 3TM Discharge Bundle and Heart Healthy Video Series, we continued access to the Berlin Heart Active Driver under the extended trial, and we published new ACTION research. Looking ahead this year we have been meeting individually with all ACTION sites to ensure successful engagement in ACTION and highlight membership benefits for each center. We are excited to expand quality improvement, education, research, and best practice initiatives across the network, as well as engage with Global centers and increase advocacy efforts in the pediatric heart failure space. Reach out with any new ideas for the year ahead. Thank you for your continued efforts!

The Pulse — October 2023

Happy Fall to All!
We had a successful meeting in St. Louis during the International HF/VAD Summit, and it was great to see so many of you in person! We brainstormed new ideas for QI/Research projects, clinical trials, education projects, advocacy efforts, and ways to improve data collection and project participation. We also played ACTION Trivia — did you know ACTION now has 66 sites in North America and has 27 manuscripts published since 2019? We are starting to plan for our next in-person meeting, which will be at CHOP in February 2024. Details to follow soon…