September 2019: Leadership Meeting

We celebrated our learning network’s 2nd Birthday in June 2019!

As we look back at the last 2 years, we have so much to be thankful for; improved patient outcomes, harmonized protocols and standard processes, education materials, data for outcomes and quality improvement, and partnerships across the field with ALL stakeholders. We are looking forward to this exciting year ahead!

ABC’s of Stroke Manuscript coming soon!

An ACTION writing group is currently working on a manuscript to demonstrate our initial success in reducing stroke events in pediatric VAD patients.  The manuscript will highlight the interventions from our Anticoagulation, Blood Pressure, & Communication committees.

Leadership Meeting Updates

September 26 – 27, 2019, Cincinnati, OH
We had a successful leadership meeting this month & have updates to share!

Key highlights from the meeting are below:

ACTION Leadership Meeting September 2019
  • Tonic Health: Demo provided to leadership group, discussed plans for using this platform across network to collect Patient Reported Outcomes (PRO’s).
  • PRO’s: Reviewed tools & instruments, discussed testing, distribution, and implementation strategies for PRO’s.
  • FACT: Updated on Families in ACTION patient/family advisory council, membership formed & several members attending November learning session.
  • Education Materials: Many projects in progress, including videos, modules, infographics, and a patient handbook.  Focus shifting from VAD education to waitlist and transplant education projects.
  • Wearables: Leaders investigating ways to collect data with wearable technology, such as Apple watches.  Also looking at ways to design and produce bags and accessories for VAD patient equipment.
  • Leadership Groupwork Report-outs: Small leadership groups met to discuss plans, focal points, barriers & challenges, patient/family inclusion goals, and next steps for their projects.  Breakout groups included topics such as waitlist outcomes, anticoagulation, infection/driveline care, social media and wearable technology, & patient reported outcomes.
  • Pedimacs-ACTION Collaboration: Leaders agree to pursue collaboration opportunities with STS-Pedimacs.
  • QI Strategy Session: Anticoagulation – discussed the benefits of unblinding data to help us learn from each other, survey to go to network soon, & discussed determining how to measure the impact of Bivalirudin.  Hemodynamics/BP – discussed next project to maintain systemic hemodynamics with technology, developing surveillance protocol for pump optimization/interrogation.  Communication – discussed revising operational definition for “completeness” for the current rounding checklist, & discussed plans for creating a hand-off sheet/process similar to IPASS.
  • Discharge QI Project: Finalized goals for measures: 75% percent discharge rate & 30 days LOS post-implant.  Also discussed changing the project to Discharge & De-escalation to include those patients/devices that are not dischargeable.  Project will be discussed in detail on the October 17th Global QI Call.
  • Authorship Guidelines: Leaders discussed many different strategies for authorship guidelines.  Considering a strategy to publish as the “ACTION network” instead of traditional publication strategies.
  • International Participants: Discussed plans to include our international colleagues in the network collaboration.
  • Heart Failure Committee: Discussed heart failure definition project & heart failure patient tracking project, will begin with a pilot group of centers.