April 2019: ISHLT Meeting & Fontan Project

ISHLT ACTION Update Meeting:

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ACTION Meeting at ISHLT 2019

The ACTION Learning Network had a successful update meeting at ISHLT in which 26 pediatric centers attended.  We reviewed our 2018 highlights & accomplishments and discussed our current projects such as our ABC’s stroke reduction bundle, the planning of the discharge intervention/project, education projects, Fontan project, new stakeholder groups such as ACHD, Surgeons, & ICU, Pedimacs-ACTION collaboration, heart failure initiatives, and papers in progress.  The Harmonization Committee also presented protocol drafts for Pre-Implant, Prophylactic Antibiotics, DLI & Driveline Care, Pump Thrombosis, Imaging, & CDMCS / Withdrawal.  The ACTION network also presented 4 Abstracts at ISHLT and presented 1 talk.

Fontan-VAD Physiology Project (FVPP):

We are happy to announce that we are now ready to begin collecting data for the Fontan-VAD physiology project! We hope that the data obtained as part of this project will help identify those failing Fontan patients in whom VAD is likely to be of benefit by defining for the first time how the Fontan physiology responds to VAD support. 

New Sites

Please welcome our 2 new sites: Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta & Ochsner Hospital for Children!

Children's Healthcare of Atlanta
Ochsner Hospital For Children