2019 September

ABC’s of Stroke Manuscript coming soon! An ACTION writing group is currently working on a manuscript to demonstrate our initial success in reducing stroke events in pediatric VAD patients.  The manuscript will highlight the interventions from our Anticoagulation, Blood Pressure, & Communication committees.

Leadership Meeting Updates September 26 – 27, 2019, Cincinnati, OH

We had a successful leadership meeting this month & have updates to share!

Key highlights from the meeting are below:

  • Tonic Health: Demo provided to leadership group, discussed plans for using this platform across network to collect Patient Reported Outcomes (PRO’s).

  • PRO’s: Reviewed tools & instruments, discussed testing, distribution, and implementation strategies for PRO’s.

  • FACT: Updated on Families in ACTION patient/family advisory council, membership formed & several members attending November learning session.

  • Education Materials: Many projects in progress, including videos, modules, infographics, and a patient handbook.  Focus shifting from VAD education to waitlist and transplant education projects.

  • Wearables: Leaders investigating ways to collect data with wearable technology, such as Apple watches.  Also looking at ways to design and produce bags and accessories for VAD patient equipment.

  • Leadership Groupwork Report-outs: Small leadership groups met to discuss plans, focal points, barriers & challenges, patient/family inclusion goals, and next steps for their projects.  Breakout groups included topics such as waitlist outcomes, anticoagulation, infection/driveline care, social media and wearable technology, & patient reported outcomes.

  • Pedimacs-ACTION Collaboration: Leaders agree to pursue collaboration opportunities with STS-Pedimacs.

  • QI Strategy Session: Anticoagulation – discussed the benefits of unblinding data to help us learn from each other, survey to go to network soon, & discussed determining how to measure the impact of Bivalirudin.  Hemodynamics/BP – discussed next project to maintain systemic hemodynamics with technology, developing surveillance protocol for pump optimization/interrogation.  Communication – discussed revising operational definition for “completeness” for the current rounding checklist, & discussed plans for creating a hand-off sheet/process similar to IPASS.

  • Discharge QI Project: Finalized goals for measures: 75% percent discharge rate & 30 days LOS post-implant.  Also discussed changing the project to Discharge & De-escalation to include those patients/devices that are not dischargeable.  Project will be discussed in detail on the October 17th Global QI Call.

  • Authorship Guidelines: Leaders discussed many different strategies for authorship guidelines.  Considering a strategy to publish as the “ACTION network” instead of traditional publication strategies.

  • International Participants: Discussed plans to include our international colleagues in the network collaboration.

  • Heart Failure Committee: Discussed heart failure definition project & heart failure patient tracking project, will begin with a pilot group of centers.