2019 February

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The ACTION Utilization & Value Committee presented survey results regarding device utilization, billing practices, etc. 22 institutions responded to the survey.


About half of the respondents indicated they shared device inventory with an adult institution.  Over half indicated it was at least moderately difficult (1-2 year process) to get a new device approved and on the shelf.  Most institutions have the devices they currently want, but the most desired products were the Impella and the HeartMate III with a couple of institutions anticipating the Pediatric Jarvik.  19/21 centers expressed interest in expanding device sharing between institutions to help manage inventory.  Beth Hawkins, NP, will be following up with institutions to explore these questions in more depth and investigate the possibility of sharing inventory.

On the billing/finances side, only 40% of centers have someone tracking billing within the VAD team.  22% don’t know what codes are used while 50% use the VAD interrogation and/or Subsequent Hospital Billing Codes.  Three institutions use an unlisted code created by the hospital to support the professional billing of VAD patients.  Rob Niebler, MD, will be following up to help determine best practices to help create a guide to best practices regarding professional billing practices to help support the work we do.

Thanks to all who responded to the survey!


ACTION introduced ”Discharge” as the next topic area for improvement interventions. More details to come on the planning and testing of this next intervention.

Please welcome our 2 new sites; Children’s Hospital at Montefiore and Children’s Mercy Kansas City!