2018 October

The ACTION network submitted 4 abstracts for the upcoming ISHLT 2019 annual meeting; “Anti-coagulation Management in Pediatric Ventricular Assist Device: A Quality Improvement Target,” “Speaking the Same Language? Assessing Blood Pressure Measurement and Effectiveness in Pediatric VAD patients,” “Real World Data from the ACTION Quality Improvement Network - Preliminary Experience with a Magnetically Levitated Ventricular Assist Device in US Pediatric Centers,” and “It Takes a Village: Pediatric Ventricular Assist Device Training and Education Practices among ACTION Centers.”

The Harmonization Committee also began collecting protocols and guidelines to harmonize best practices for these 9 topics: Pre-Implant / Implant, Pump Thrombosis, DLI & Driveline Care, Stroke, Right Heart Failure, Imaging (Echo’s for VADs), End of Life / Withdrawal, Destination / Chronic Therapy, and Antibiotic Prophylaxis.